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“Truth In Health Motto”

Truth In Health embraces all that bears upon human well-being. By definition it cannot be wrong. We may go wrong.  But if what we present to you is not true it is not science. That which causes correct results is scientific. That which causes wrong results is unscientific.

As Healthology is offered to humans who are not perfect, errors will occur. While we strive to bring you the truth, truth will progress no better than the abilities of us who present it.

Nor can truth progress better with you than your ability to recognize it and apply it.
You’ll thrive to the extent that you follow truth in your life. You’ll suffer to the extent that you ignore or shun Nature’s calling.

We at Healthology Institute are guided and live by this motto: “Never negotiate the truth to make a friend. Never withhold a blow at error for fear that you make an enemy”.

Only from truth does good flow. We at Truthinhealth/Healthology are beholden to truth. It is our endeavor to bring you the truth to the best of our ability to ascertain it.

The fearless motto of “Healyhology” will stand us in bad stead with many. For there are those who mistake their notions and opinions as truth. We will step on many toes. Do not forsake us if we step on yours. If we do we are either right or wrong. If we are wrong we have erred and deserve your enlightened help. If we are right it is your obligation to yourself and society to correct your outlook and the practices based thereon.

It is not our aim to dictate. We intent to reveal. Healthology is here for you. We will present it honestly and fairly to the best of our abilities. We will be guided by principle alone, by truth and truth alone. It is up to you to make use of it or to ignore it. The choice is completely and always yours.





Dare to be Bold:

Dare to stand alone:

Dare to have a purpose clear:

Dare to make it known

If within you resides a small amount of courage, you’ll rededicate yourself to be a modern brave person. And you need not stand alone!  Mutually we can create thousand, and even millions of others with the same qualities and character.

In you I’m sure is the spark of courage that will impel you to learn what is right for yourself and, with conviction and determination, to do what you must do.

You will set as your goal personal excellence in all matters.  You will strive to help your fellow beings open their eyes to the encouragement of the “Truth in Health” so that they too may lead their lives in the way of righteousness.

As a modern brave person you will not yield to injurious temptation and importunity.  You will set an example for your fellow being. 
You will become a living testimonial to the joy of living life on the plane our biological heritage decrees.


Dare you to be brave? Do you dare to stand alone if need be? Do you have a purpose clear? Do you dare to make it known?

Become part of our “Inner Circle” in all that this implies.  You’ll grow in courage and dare to master yourself.  And you’ll win from your fellow beings the respect that being a brave person deserves. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall, for anything”! 


Will You Stand With Us?

 Join  the...“Super Health Inner Circle
Coaching and Apprenticeship System”


This may save your life. If you are interested in knowing how to get well and be healthy, it is first absolutely necessary and required for you to understand the laws of life. It is the only Truephilosophy of health. You too can recover your broken health by being taught the laws of life.

We teach you, we do not just offer RELIEF. We allow nature to REMOVE the CAUSES. The disgrace of medicine is that it is built upon a false premise, assumptions and hypothesis. We will prove to you that the present conventional medical system is entirely false. That it is untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in apposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, disastrous in results and a curse to humanity!  

“With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all foolishness is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; everything must be made secondary to Health!”

Are YOU aware that every field has had its authority; every wrong concept and false system of the past had its “authorities.  We readily acknowledge the errors of the past and that their “authorities” were misguided. What we do not readily perceive is that many concepts, systems and practices of today are not only equally erroneous, but that they also have many apologists and “authorities.”

Believing an “authority” on faith is an attempt to escape from our duty to investigate and get down to the real labor of thinking things out ourselves. Self-reliance must be cultivated; for it is truly only ourselves upon whom we can rely. If we rely on others to do our thinking we become servants to them, for authorities almost always think in their own favor.

Not only that, authorities do not agree among themselves – they contradict each other. This is self-evidence they are wrong. Truth is never contradictory to itself.

To appeal to authority and to rely on it as proof for our beliefs and opinions is mental laziness.

Truth makes authority. If truth is there, then authority fails. Either way, reliance upon “authority” is not called for.

The first concern is Health. Therefore, we couldn’t have picked a better time for you to see this information. This message will take a few minutes for you to read but it’s a few minutes that could be a turning point in your life.

It’s a chance for you to achieve glowing health, energy and vitality. By asking for this information we think that you are a person who is serious about your health.

Our “Healthology” Educational program presents an entirely different approach. We hold that exuberant and radiant health is normal and natural. And that disease, suffering and sickness are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.

> We content that health can be realized only by healthful living practices and that the standards for healthful living practices have been established in nature from the very beginning.

> We totally reject the idea of curing. We believe that the whole concept of drugs and medicine is a pure myth.

> We maintain and prove that all living organisms are self-sufficient in all aspects of their existence if their needs are supplied in accord with their biological adaptation.

> We also emphasize that “dis-ease” does not have to happen unless it is caused. Cease to indulge in the cause of disease and disease will not occur.

> Healthful Living Practices produces health results and pathogenic living practices inevitably produce diseased results.

This simple Philosophy which we call “Healthology” has proven itself under the most rigorous testing – RESULTS! Once you’ve witnessed marvelous recoveries from diseases under the Healthology direction, even from “incurable” diseases of long standing, you’ll be infected with the confidence and enthusiasm that will launch a successful cause of actions and pursuit.