And there will NEVER be a “CURE” for cancer!

Because the war on cancer is more than 40 (46) years old and yet today medical “science” and doctors are no closer to a “cure” Want to know why? Because there’s more money to be made by treating the disease than putting an end to it.

That is the real reason why cancer continues to grow and program like natural health, nutrition and lifestyle changes are being ignored. Thus you must take matters into your own hands. See below for some of the things you can do to keep cancer out of your life…

CANCER WARIn 1971 when President Nixon launched the war against cancer he assured us that cancer could be defeated.  Since Nixon promise in 1971 we have been hearing that a “cure” for cancer is right around the corner.  They tell us that all we need is more money for scientific research.  However, this financial commitment has been made many times over.  We have spent ineffectively billions of dollars into a search for a cure for cancer, and now we want to know how the war against cancer is going.  Well, the unfortunate truth is this:  We are losing badly since December 23, 1971, when President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act of 1971 into law.

“The December 1994 issue of AMERICAN HEALTH stated, The US is losing ground in the war against cancer”. And they still are losing ground in spite of all the propaganda and advertising to find a “cure”.

This country has been spending millions of dollars per year since 1971 in the war against cancer.  However, the preposition is wrong: It’s really a war for cancer-i.e. for the cancer racket-a calculated case of mass murder! And nobody’s protesting!

The success of this war is measured by the fact, that in 1971 more than 350,000 deaths per year were chalked up against cancer.  Now, almost 45 years later, much more than 550,000 deaths per year bear the cancer label, making it the second-leading cause of death among Americans. (The first being heart disease) Regardless of the ongoing calls for early detection and the public-relation racket hype our advances against cancer, the death rate has actually increased during the past 45 years, “early detection is a myth.”

In the New England Journal of Medicine May 29, 1997, medical researcher J. Bailar and others presented their findings of the scientific progress we’ve made against cancer–to be more accurately, the lack of progress.  They found that the age-adjusted mortality due to cancer in 1994 was 6% higher than in 1970, and for men and women 55 and older, death rates had actually increased 15% to 20%.

CANCER WAR 2The likelihood is that cancer will soon be the number one killer, (at this moment as you read this article cancer is neck to neck with heart attacks) according to the AMERICAN HEALTH article above. Radiation and chemotherapy sure are effective, aren’t they?

A new case of cancer puts over $100,000 into medical bank accounts!  And there are way more than a million new cases diagnosed yearly! And the end result is death for all who submit to medical treatment with an average of three to five years-whether or not they have cancer and most don’t!

The medical industry has been trying and makes heroic efforts to “cure” cancer, even if it kills the patient–and it does.  Yet they have no answer to cancer.  They cannot “cure” arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, diabetes, or the whole host of other acute and chronic diseases.

We at the Institute of Healthology do not try to “cure” anything.  There is no such thing as a “medicine” or a “cure.”  All disease is caused. The body itself is the only agency that can overcome disease.  It will do so rather quickly if causes are removed and conditions of health are established.  Therefore we, as Health Science Professional, will teach you the conditions of health and the causes of diseases.

The silver lining is the fact that those who have cancer and who do not have their cancer treated medically live an average of 12 years! And, this is accomplished without doing anything else with their lifestyle.

If we had merely $1,000,000,000 to spend on health education, within a few years there would be virtually no cancer nor any other disease! We’d merely tell the truth in health and rely upon people to tell people. The establishment press and TV media are not about to tell it, even for money. Their bread is buttered by the super-rich beneficiaries of the medical system super rich beneficiaries who have far more devious and diabolical motives than you’d probably accept even if I would provide you with irrefutable and incontrovertible facts.  Neither is our captive government and educational institutions about to tell you the truth in these matters!

Cancer doesn’t just happen it must be caused and it requires lots of causing!  In fact the heart and cardiovascular system are more likely to give out first under the same assault that causes tumors and cancer!

Another grim fact: About 90% of those stampeded into the medical corral by being told they have cancer don’t have it!  Their diagnoses merely read tumors! Tumors are easily reversible whereas even cancer may be overcome, there’s about a 50/50 chance.

Another grim fact: If you had no cancer, not even a tumor, and you submitted to the standard medical treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, the chances are about 45% that you die of the treatment!  Both radiation and chemotherapy destroy the immune system (really a defense system) and cause cancer, real cancer!

Before drugs are marketed, they must be tested at length and the data submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.

A few years ago Tamoxifen (Tamoxifen is an antagonist of the estrogen receptor in breast tissue via its active metabolite) had been hailed as a drug that may prevent breast cancer altogether!

Extensive tests were underway when one of the projects researchers in Pittsburgh started falsifying data. The FDA shut the study down.

According to an appeal for participants of women who were at risk for breast cancer, this vital study had to be resumed without delay.  And at that time Michigan State University in East Lansing had a special number to call if you wanted to participate.

Tamoxifen is still being prescribed and used today by women who have or are at risk of breast cancer.  In addition some women at risk of breast cancer are being told by their physician to remove both breasts.

Isn’t life beautiful?  Laboratories can solve our problems with drugs and physicians can remove parts of our bodies with surgery while we continue indulgence of the causes of those problems?

And here is even another grim fact: If you get a diagnosis of HIV positive you’re told you have AIDS.  If you have a very low white blood cell count, you’ll be told you have AIDS. Then you are very likely to submit to AZT, DDI, DDC and then chemotherapy, twice as much if you merely had cancer.  Of course, you will not survive one dose! Even if you had no the “so-called” HIV or AIDS, you’d still die of massive chemotherapy!  The healthiest die of intensive poisoning.

No Doubt About It HIV Causes AIDS! Despite the fact that over 50% of those whose deaths are ascribed to AIDS do not have and never had the so-called human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), it is still published as incontrovertible evidence as the cause of AIDS.

It’s OK to blame as scapegoats, in a disease to which anything that doesn’t implicate drugs or the products of powerful industrial interests.  The real causes of what is called AIDS are poisons (drugs like antibiotics), which destroy our immune system. That is our white blood cells our first line of body defense in the blood and fluids.

Isn’t it instructive to know that cancer is the number one killer of our children?  We’ve got this cancer war down to a science, haven’t we?  Oops, I mean cancer racket! Because, according to the American Health article in 1994, cancer was expected to surpass heart problems as a cause of death by the year 2,000!  Well here we are 2005 and the cancer rate is 1 out of 3 in woman and 1 out of 2 in men.  Pretty close prediction!

And still with all of these facts, some of you may ask:  You’ve got the unmitigated gall to tell us that the American medical profession is killing people?  Hey, how thick are you?  Cant you plainly see it for yourself?  When physicians go on strike as they did in Canada, Holland and Israel, the death rate drops by 35% to 60%!  Doesn’t that tell you anything?  Isn’t it obvious, i.e., clearly self evident, that the medical system is killing their client and blaming it at the disease diagnosed?

There is a label on cigarette packs, which plainly warns smokers that smoking causes cancer.  If you want to kill yourself this way, isn’t this your business?  For good reason, I’ll tell you no!  But we won’t go into that now.

But on the subject of labeling:  What if all the known causes of cancer as published by the FDA and the National Research Council were required to be labeled?

How would you like a label above your cook stove that read: Warning! Cooking has been determined to cause cancer.  (See Diet, Nutrition and Cancer published by the NRC of the American Academy of Sciences in 1982.) All cooking produces diseases and cancer!

Or how would you like to see this same warning label attached to french fried potatoes?  Or hamburgers? Or pizza? Or every drug whether from the pharmacy or over-the-counter? Or coffee? Or beer? Or wine? Or liquor? Or all commercial snack foods? Or even commercial orange juice?

The cancer label would be on almost everything that is put down the American gullet or into its air and bloodstream!

So what’s the use? You might say.

Because, despite the overwhelming number of carcinogens in the American home and marketplace, you don’t have to buy into this monstrous scheme that is knowingly, deliberately and maliciously imposed upon us!

But my doctor is a wonderful person? you might protest.  Yes, he might be!  All medical people might be!  But did it ever occur to you that physicians might be a lot of deceived who kill people following standard medical practices which they did not devise nor do not control?  Who are so brainwashed they are not the wiser?

That they’re so well rewarded for their services to the drug industry that they’re blinded by the prospect of losing their income?

What does it tell you when more physicians die of heart problems than the population-at-large? When more physicians die of cancer than the population-at-large?  When physicians die nearly 17 years younger, on average, than the population-at-large?  Are physicians to be looked up to or down upon?  Is their praise in the news media and everywhere else earned or is it part of the racket?  Is not the see your doctor a warning in about everything you read concerning disease and health in furtherance of the massive disease racket?  Hey, wake up?  Do you want to play a game of Russian roulette when every chamber has a bullet in it?

Well, how do we beat this deadly game?

Don’t play it!  Take a lesson from your uneducated animal brethren in nature! No cancer, no disease, no suffering except from mishaps only natural deaths.

When it comes to the primary cause of cancer and all diseases, that is, what you put into yourself as food, why not diligently give up everything but natural (God-made) foods? Eaten as nature serves them up to us?

This would force you to eat only those foods you relish in their raw natural state just as animals in nature must do!  This Commitment and step would force you to eat your biologically correct diet, a plant food diet consisting mostly fruits and vegetables in its natural raw state.

In plant foods lie chemicals that fight cancer and all other diseases.  The same chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their color help us fight diseases.  People, who eat small amounts of these foods, or none at all, do so to their own disadvantage, harm and peril.

You’d have to give up your addictions in both foods and drugs!  Do you think you’d enjoy life as a lovable, happy, healthy and caring member of society?  Or would you prefer to be a suffering, sick, misshapen, unfit and largely unlovable person? The choice is always yours! A choice and choice is always the problem and the solution.

Strike a blow for yourself and those who touch your life for a change! Have the determination and fortitude to start doing what you know you should be doing!  And you’ll start being what you always should have been!


This worldwide epidemic of cancer (and cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes following right behind) is almost impossible to stop, not because we don’t know how to do it, but because so many people have such a large vested interest in continuing it.  When you take a quick examination of your friends and family, it’s easy to see just how serious and widespread the problem has become.  And, it’s getting worse, because for some reason “science” refuses to address the issue, spending millions of dollars on things like genetics and stem cell research.  And, doing nothing to spread the information and lifestyle changes required to prevent and stop the number one and two killers in the world. If you are wise and use common sense you have a much clearer picture of what’s going on.  The money comes from treating diseases not from preventing the causes of diseases.  You are truly “on your own” when it comes to cancer and heart diseases. (Or any other disease)

You can avoid becoming a victim of these epidemics.  However, it will definitely require a concentrated effort on your part.  Stay away from being fooled into believing that someone will discover some magic pill or “cure” for these problems. It won’t happen!   It can’t happen! That is not the way the body works.