How TV programming are used to confuse and condition us!

One day about 3 years ago, I happened to turn the TV on and Dr. OZ
was on having a guest who was telling people to eat dirt and other
substances like fermented soy beans for energy.
Dr. OZ knows or should know that the body produces energy
in the form of ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate. When the body
Oxidizes glucose, the energy is captured and transformed in the form
of ATP. When energy is released, ATP becomes ADP or Adenosine Diphosphate.

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This kind of misleading is not new, TV programs have been used
for years to confuse and condition the people who watch these programs.
Several years ago I was watching another TV program about a grandfather
(played by Mickey Rooney) living with his grandsons.
In this particular episode the grandfather was trying to lose weight.

He went on all sorts of exercise programs, never sticking to any.
One day he entered a bookstore to obtain a dieting book. Most of the
People in the “Diet” section of the bookstore couldn’t pass through the
aisles, as they were so overweight. (Much like today)
But one of the people there caught Mickey Rooney’s eyes. She was a
slender beauty in tight jeans. He asked her why she was looking for a
book on dieting when she’s so slim.

She said she was looking for a natural foods book. He asked her if
she knew of any diet that showed how to prepare lamb. She said. ‘I’m
not a carnivorous animal. I ‘could never take the life of another for
food.” She said this in empty-headed tone of voice as if to suggest that
it’s foolish to be a Vegetarian. And, that her whole purpose was to save
animals, not for her own health.

Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding and she was indeed
slender and healthy looking.

The program proceeded to Mickey Rooney’s upstairs residence. He
was returning from jogging after a breakfast of papaya and some blended
concoction. He said hi to his grandsons and left saying he was going to
jog some more.

He fell down the stairs on his way out. His grandson called an ambulance
and when they asked what happened he told them he tripped on his
shoelaces. .

Later one of his grandsons returned to their apartment with a registered
nurse who he told about Mickey Rooney’s papaya diet. She explained to
him that he couldn’t live on fruits – which he needed to eat a balance –
protein diet or he would get very sick. (Much like today)

His grandson turned to him and said. “You didn’t trip on your shoelaces
did you? You were dizzy.”

What they were conveying is that his papaya diet made him
weak and caused him to black out.

Of course he felt weak. Most people upon improving their diets will
naturally experience cleansing reactions such as being dizzy or having·
a low energy level.

Did the TV program point this out? No! Instead a medical person
was brought on the scene to convince him to go back on a conventional
diet. His grandson then brought out a container and said, “I’ve got the
perfect food for you to break your diet on. It’s delicious, chocolate
marshmallow ice cream. The grandfather went for it.

This is the type of show the media uses to program the average Viewer
into sticking with conventional diets.

What an insult to the viewer’s intelligence to tell them that ice cream
with its artificial colorings and flavorings, milk from sickly cows, sugar
and other toxic substances is better for us than a papaya from nature!
TV show just like Dr. OZ and others convey lies knowingly or unknowingly.

You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright
lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way.
Millions of dollars spent to keep these secrets from you!

The powers that be have made fortunes from what you don’t
know. Well, not anymore!

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Dr. Laurence Galant.

How TV programming are used to confuse and condition us!