INFLAMMATION (The FDA and the Pharmaceutical New Money Maker with new drugs)

First let me reveal the truth about “Inflammation” – Preliminary Information.

There are seven stages of disease. The underlying cause of disease in all stages is toxemia. Although toxemia may arise from many sources, it basically exists because of insufficient nerve energy to sufficiently eliminate exoge­nous poisons and body wastes. Toxemia is not broad enough a term to cover the whole poisoning process for it means poison in the blood. Actually toxicosis exists. Tissues, cells and interstitial spaces are also toxic-laden. In short, the whole body is toxic. Toxic-laden tissues can become a breeding ground for disease. Elimination organs, especially the bowel, must be properly taken care of to restore and maintain good health.

Diseases present many different aspects because they evolve with the progressing deterioration of the organism that suffers them. Disease has seven distinct stages. These stages correspond to the distinct differences of each stage of evolution.

Stage seven and the endpoint of the evolution of disease is cancer. It is the last stage of disease and is usually fatal, especially if the causes that brought it about are continued. Cessation, of causes and indulgence of healthful practices may arrest it, for they can so revitalize the body that they may even destroy the cancer cells. It’s all relative. Cancer cells live in a hostile environment but still divide and flourish as long as nutrients are available to them. Cancer cells may be regarded as cells that have become independent and have reverted to the status of uncontrolled primitive cells – cells that live entirely on their own as do protozoa.

These stages of disease are quite distinct in their characters, yet the lines are more or less arbitrarily drawn. This often happens in attempts at categorization where one form evolves into another. The dividing lines have no clear-cut delineation.

People sometimes ask when cancer begins. Healthologists or Hygienists or Life Scientists say that it begins with the first cold or rash of childhood. With the first crisis a baby endures begins the pathological chain that leads to cancer. This evolutionary chain begins then because the phenomenon of life is one constant violation of the laws of life from beginning to end.

Stage four of that process is “Inflammation” This is usually the stage in which physicians recognize pathology. It is the stage where sufferers are keenly aware of a problem, for it involves pain. As well, it involves bodily redirection of vital energies. The intestinal tract is closed down. Energy that would normally be available for activity there is pre-empted and redirected to the massive effort to cope with a severe condition of intoxication. Lest the integrity of the organism be dealt a mortal blow or crippled, the body musters its all to the emergency.

In inflammation, the toxicants have usually been concentrated in an organ or area for a massive expulsive effort. The area becomes inflamed due to the constant irritation of the toxic materials. When inflammation exists we are said to have an “itis,” appendicitis, tonsillitis, hepatitis, or nephritis for example. Note that the “itis,es” just cited are all due to overburdening of four different organs of purification and elimination.

The names of “itises” are usually after the organ or tissue area that is inflamed. Thus if we have a cold we have rhinitis. If we have inflammation of the sinus cavities we have sinusitis. If we have inflammation of bronchial tissue we have either bronchitis or asthma. ~.!i goes. We have these peculiar pathologies because in each case the ‘body elected to eliminate the extraordinary toxic load through the organ affected. For instance, asthma exists because the body has selected the bronchi as an outlet for toxic materials. The condition is chronic because the toxic condition is unceasing. While the sufferer continues to intoxicate himself or herself, the body continues to eliminate the overload through the bronchi or alveolar tissue.

Inflammation or fever is a body crisis response to a life- , threatening situation. The body and the body alone create the fever. It is an evidence or symptom of increased and intense body activities directed at cleansing and repair. The extraordinary energies employed for a fever are at the expense of energies normally involved in digestion, work or play, thinking and seeing, etc. Fever is a healing activity. The idea of suppressing it is equivalent to hitting a drowning man over the head so he’ll cease his struggles. For instance, if rhinitis or influenza sufferers’ are drugged it amounts to hitting the body’s healer over the head. Thus, the eliminative effort is suppressed, and the toxicity increases until other organs, usually the lungs, become saturated – not only with the toxicity but the drugs administered as well. When body vitality reasserts itself a condition known as pneumonia is likely to result.

Inflammation is the fourth stage of disease and is the body’s most intense effort to cleanse and restore itself. The next stage of disease is destructive and degenerative. It will result if the causes of general body intoxication are continued. To learn more go to

FDA New Designation:

Inflammation—The 3.5 Million dollar word.  That’s right!  Even though the dictionary defines inflammation as redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, heat, and disturbed function of an area of the body– the FDA has now designated it as a “disease.” Therefore, those who have natural approaches to dealing with it can be fined excessively if they refer to it, which is what happened to a company that markets supplements and is now responsible for paying them $3.5 million dollars. (We do not recommend vitamin supplements. WAKE UPAMERICA! All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level. To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”.)

Inflammation is the body’s complex biological response to harmful stimuli such as pathogens, irritants, or injuries. It’s a natural, protective attempt by the body to remove the stimuli and start the healing process. When this inflammation becomes too intense or chronic, the inflammatory response itself can damage tissues. Atherosclerosis, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer are all triggered, caused by or involve inflammation.

Although it is a natural protective response of the human body, the FDA has decided that inflammation is, in and of itself, a disease, and that statements about the ability of supplements to treat inflammation are “implied disease claims.”

We talked many times about the “freedoms” we have in this country.  While we focused mostly on the positive aspects in this article, there are many areas that bring us great concern. Those of us in the natural health industry have seen our free speech freedoms continue to diminish to the point that it is impossible to tell people the true benefits of a natural healthy education.

The first amendment prohibits the government from banning speech because it does not agree with the message. The Food and Drug Administration is a government entity.  The reality is that the stronger the government controls the definition and treatments of sickness and disease, the greater the gap will become for those of us who wish to learn and teach how to naturally use methods, and achieve true health.

The knowledge of true healing of the body with proper lifestyle is not being taught in the medical schools.  These schools are financed in some way by organizations with agendas that do not prioritize patients’ health first. (Such as the Pharmaceutical Industry)

Likewise, the pharmaceutical and medical establishments work hard to protect their “turf.” The general public isn’t aware that these battles are taking place. The resulting laws that have been put in place to supposedly “protect” our citizens actually causes them harm as they severely limit your ability to get the truth about how consuming more fruits and vegetables can actually protect and heal people from sickness and disease. Then, when someone crosses the gray line, they are hit with a hefty fine that either severely cripples their company or puts them out of business completely. Big pharma, medical establishment, and dieticians use our representatives, the government, and our laws to eliminate their competition, protecting their revenue streams.

Fortunately, we still have faith.  Faith that one day we will not wake up to the debilitating news that our freedom to share health and help people restore their health will not be taken away.  Sadly, it does feel as if each day, the noose has grown tighter…

This isn’t the only area where our “freedoms” are being eliminated, so as you are enjoying these warm, summer days, please offer up a prayer to the only One who can create order in this law-filled, lawless land. May He guide you and I as we gear up for the next elections.  Lord, please continue to bless this great country!




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