The Cost of ObamaCare: was 2.5 Million Jobs! Any Other “HealthCare” will NOT Make or keep you Healthy. That is your responsibility!


I am sure you remember that health insurance companies were glad to sign on to ObamaCare. Not only did ObamaCare (or affordable Health Care) promise to force millions of people onto their rolls, but it also guaranteed them a taxpayer-funded bailout for whatever losses they take from insuring ObamaCare enrollees and for anything that went wrong.

And, a win-win for tax-and-spenders and insurance companies everywhere. But for every one of us, ObamaCare continues to be a disaster.

The truth in that the affordable health care law  (ObamaCare) has cancelled an estimated 4.5 million insurance plans against their customers’ will, and was projected to eliminate at least 2.5 million jobs.

 Imagine, 2.5 million Americans will abandon full time jobs within the next 10 years. And things will still get worse.

And now President Trump is in the process to repealing it. It would be much better for everyone. However, no health care program will make you healthier, which is your responsibility.

No health insurance program can give you your health back, it only covers you against catastrophic and disastrous events. You can also protect yourself against those events.

Health is our most valuable asset!

Here’s a great opportunity discover and learn the secrets to becoming healthier, and if you want, to start a home based business in the “Health Industry” and the “Money Making Business Opportunity Industry”. (You can work at your own pace and your own time, and only a few hours per week, plus we will show you how you can use our tested and proven formula where we do all the work for you. This is optional of course).

The New HEALTHCARE REFORM has guidelines. How will this change your health and your life? Your healthcare and even your life will be dictated by a group of bureaucrats… You need to take control of your health NOW, before it’s too late! Think about it: We feel best when we’re in control of our health and our life” Not when some else controls it! The way the masses are controlled is: you get the masses to believe that they are not responsible for their situations in their life, that they are VICTIMS! STOP being a controlled victim and take charge of health/ your life NOW!!!

What everybody ought to know … About Health and Disease! 

Health is our greatest wealth! With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all mistake and unfortunate decision caused by bad judgment or lack of information is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; “everything must be made secondary to Health!” Let’s face it, whatever our goals are; we want to achieve them, because we FEEL GOOD. Feeling good is really what we all want. The wish that we wish above all is HEALTH.

Wake up America! 

There is not a drug, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any product, vegetable juice, herb, mineral/vitamin supplements, homeopathic medicine, or any other substance found in a store, on the Internet, or on this earth that can ever heal anyone of anything!

All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level. To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to learn/understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”.

What we are about to share with you is very controversial. Read it with an open mind. The US Government manufactures data and manipulates markets so the super rich get richer at the expense of the general public. Everything you’re being told is a lie!

The stock market, bond market, currency market, commodities market, the real estate market are all 100% rigged. And so is the medical and pharmaceutical industry. If they would tell you the truth, they would be out of business. Protect yourself NOW! And, Discover How to Protect Yourself and Survive Obamacare or the “Affordable Health Care”!

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