This is the most important development on health in over 100 years?
What if there is one part of your body that controls 99% of your defensive (immune) system and is completely in your control to you staying healthy?
And what if you did not maintain your health but you could totally transform its condition through natural means.

What would you do to maintain your health, if you knew that by using this system you could not fail?

And if you do what you’re doing now are connected to the majority of illnesses we experience?

Recently, I came across book that was just published in the last month that I feel is the most important book on health I have ever read and perhaps in the last 100 years!

The book is called, Brain Maker by Dr. Perlmutter. Dr. Perlmutter is a neurologist, researcher, nutritionist and an author. He wrote the NY Times bestselling book, “Grain Brain”.

In Brain Maker he reveals that the health of our digestive tract is involve in up to 90% of illness. Yes, you read that correct. He does not make these statements without detailed supporting research and citing very credible resources including top medical institutions.

He has tied diseases such as cancer, depression, alzheimer’s, dementia, autoimmune diseases of all kinds, arthritis, adhd, various neurological disorders, heart disease and many more, to the health of our gut!

We are now learning that so much of our health issues emanate from here that now has a name for the health of your gut bacteria and it is called your Microbiome.

The reason I am calling this book the most important book of the last 100 years is this: So much of our health is tied to our gut and never before has it been proven with such detail and supporting research.

Additionally, the findings of this book puts the control completely in your hands and provides you with a plan to correct an unhealthy digestive tract and microbiome.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this, it is life changing and will help heal so many.

I will be reviewing the book by chapter to keep you engaged on how incredible this piece of work truly is!

Your’s in vibrant health,

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