Beach CoupleHealthLifestileA special invitation to all “HEALTH” Seekers everywhere and especially, in North Miami Beach and all who are willing to travel to NMB! (North Miami Beach)

by Dr. Laurence Galant
“THE NATURAL HEALTH SECRETS THAT WILL GET RID OF YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS NOW!” Learn the all-natural Health Secrets – techniques of the elite and very HEALTHY, people in the world; this powerful 90 minute special one time only workshop is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  (See Below for other Monthly Health Workshops)What if you could have Super health and live a long life by simply choosing to? Wouldn’t it be great to access your own limitless healing potential in order to create a life that exudes your best self? In this amazing, cutting edge seminar, you will learn how to do just that. It’s called — Choose Super Health and Long Life (featuring Dr. Laurence Galant). Just think how the overall quality of your life could improve if you had,

  • Higher energy levels
  • Greater digestion
  • A healthy immune system (defensive or self-protective system)
  • Increased fat loss
  • Glowing, radiant skin
  • Deep, sound sleep every night
  • Flexible joints

Make that choice now!  Learn how to experience your best health by attending this seminar.

You’ll learn the important causes of all illnesses and diseases. You’ll be surprise that you have almost complete control over causes such that you can discontinue, remove and avoid these causes. You’ll learn that “prevention” is a myth inasmuch as there is no way that the natural laws of cause and effect can be suspendended or nullified. You’ll also learn that sickness and disease are not inevitable and will NOT happen unless caused. You’ll learn a whole NEW prospective on life that immediately liberates your mind, and starts you on your way to a natural health transformation. Learn the specific causes of specific diseases and how, when these causes are stopped or avoided, your body automatically restores itself to vibrant, sickness-free health!

Health is our most valued asset. With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it, nothing else is enjoyable. The greatest mistake is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be gain, advancement, learning or fame; everything must be made secondary to health!
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In case you don’t know Dr. Laurence Galant… Dr. Galant is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to cutting-edge research on outstanding health restoration. Very few people have ever had access to him or his methods which is by invitation and membership only. You are one of a privileged few. You will discover the “Missing Link” to Health, Longevity and all Success.

The CEO of The Galant Group Seminars, founder of the, The Global Health Information Network, and the past president of IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists), Dr. Laurence Galant is “one” if not “the” most exclusive expert and authority on limitless healing potential.  There’s nobody like him. Choose to restore yourself to outstanding health. Men and women of all ages WILL benefit — no question.

2013 the year of choicesIT’S TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE A CHOICE!

“Choose Super Health and Long Life” seminar  it is a special Natural Health event being offered soon.  If you want to learn the secrets to super health and living a longer life — then you must do whatever it takes to get there.  This is a must attend seminar and will fill up quickly.

“Choose Super Health and Long Life” seminar will take place in North Miami Beach, Florida). Very limited seating – This special event is only a few weeks away so you need to act now!  Call the number below to be placed on our waiting list! The Global Health Information Network is only offering “Choose Super Health and Long Life” to a very limited amount of people. This event is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will fill up quickly. Also you will learn a technique called “The 10 Second Miracle” and your life will be totally changed and improved!
This 90 minutes Seminar is FREE – but space is limited. RESERVE YOUR PLACE… REGISTER NOW!  To join the waiting list for a spot in this seminar complete the form below.

Our program is powerful… It’s proven… and it’s documented –the system helps keep healthy people healthy, and makes sick people well. Get the truth in health that protects you from an industry that needs people to stay sick in order to survive. Here’s why we sought Dr. Galant out:

Dr. Galant is a Nationally Recognized Anti-Aging Researcher and Health Expert. People are shocked when he says he’s a 72-year young grandfather! It’s not just luck or good genes that have kept him feeling – and looking – much younger than his years. In truth, good genes have very little to do with it.

Our bodies have the remarkable ability to beat back aging and the cursed diseases that come along with it. But, we must Warn You:

The “Health Secrets” you’re about to experience are not for the weak of heart. The information presented throughout this presentation may shock, or even offend you, because you’ve been lie to. You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way. So what you feel now is what you are going to attract. Everything you being told are a lie! Millions of dollars spent to keep these secrets from you!

However, Right up front I want to say… this letter might not be for you. If you’re completely happy and satisfied with how the Big Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are running our healthcare system at a huge profit to themselves and an even larger deficit to the very people it’s supposed to be helping… one lie after another.

Don’t read another word. Put this down and walkaway, convinced in your choice to keep the blindfold over your eyes and your head stuck in the sand. However, if you’re one of the brave, the frustrated, ready to rip off that blindfold and pull up the curtain on just how “sick” our “healthcare” system has become… You need to attend this seminar.

Once you have our secrets and begin to learn the statistics and educate yourself it becomes immediately clear just how broken our current system of “healthcare” actually is. But, unfortunately if you remain uneducated, and oblivious. Then you, your family and your friends are standing in line to become the next victims in their way of lies and deception. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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