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The “Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching” program

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Healthology 1 Cover page*First monthly subscription to the Natural “Super Health “SECRETS”.
The “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” (SHICC) program. These secrets are known by only a few people and intentionally withheld from the general knowledge. This is a physical Natural Health Internet Course shipped to your front door every month (or digital by email). Where I literally spill my guts and tell you all the health secrets I learned over the past 40 years. It’s a step by step guide showing you how to be totally healthy, without lotions, potions, powders or pills, drugs or medications, gadgets or gimmicks. It’s priceless and you get one session per month.  

Health is our most valued asset. With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it, nothing else is enjoyable. The greatest mistake is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be gain, advancement, learning or fame; everything must be made secondary to health! For more details about each lesson CLICK HERE.

PICS of Ebook Report 2*A copy of our Health REPORT #HR101
– “The Real Natural Health Formula That Nobody Dares to Reveal”. Here is a single report, which introduces the broad spectrum of all that bears upon human well being. It includes the essential salient needs of life, which produce magnificent human excellence.  The guidelines of life and good health are in simple language that every one can understand.  This report is a must for everyone. Value at $97.00 yours FREE with this promo. offer. (PDF format delivered immediately).


Training manual NEW*Business in a box Special Quick-Start Training Manual. which includes training information and membership. This will show you how to quickly you can start the process to earn while you learn. This is optional and only if you want to share this valuable health educational program as an affiliate. It is unlike all the others that promote lotions, potions, powders or pills, drugs or medications, gadgets or gimmicks.

***Plus Instructions on how we can do all the marketing for you! Completely on autopilot! A MIND-AWAKENING REVELATION! But only if you choose. A choice, and as always a choice is the problem and the solution.


Thought Blasting Cover1*A FREE copy of our exclusive report entitled “Thought Blasting ©™” The Missing Link to Health, Longevity and Success! All success is first created in your mind, if you don’t have an accurate mind set you will never succeed! Discover how to influence yourself and others with your THOUGHTS! You can learn to be in control of your future success. A $57.00 value. Limited supply, First come, first served.
(PDF format delivered immediately).



PoatCard-new-Front-150x150*FREE 100 Targeted and Verified leads complete with marketing material. All home-based business need leads. These Post Cards will  get you started, all you need to do is mail them. Plus the other marketing material we send you in your member area emails. (Post Cards and sales letters. See images at left which are two Post card samples)!






*An introduction to 14 CDs Your Wish Is Your Command. “The Best CD Seminar About Making Money EVER!” If you’ve ever wanted to “crack the code” on what it really takes to get rich and achieve dizzyingly high levels of success in every area of your life…and do it fast…you’ll want these CD’s. To purchase only this product click on the Buy Now button below. You will receive the first CD FREE. And you will have an opportunity to get all 14 CD’s




Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 11.06.47 PM*6 monthly personal one on one 15 minutes phone consultation with me (Dr. Laurence Galant (15 Amazing minutes per month for 6 months, this has a value of more then $5,000). However, I can only do this for members of the complete SHWICC System. Click on the subscribe button below which is the normal membership. For the limited discounted memberships, please use the above subscribe button or the test drive button below. These are limited time subscriptions only and they can be stopped anytime.

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1 dollar billFor a limited time only we will let you Test Drive the SHWICC System for just $1.00. You can check it out for 7 day for only $1.00. After the 7 days you will only pay $37.00 monthly. You will get the first Healthology lesson including introduction to Healthology and a FREE CD introducing “Your Wish is Your Command”.  And they are yours to keep even if you cancel! Click on the subscribe button below for the $1/7- day test drive of the SHWICC system. You will be enrolled in the 7 day trial for the SHWICC™ System and that after the 7 day trial expires, you will maintain your membership not for $100 just $37 monthly and a $100.00 one time initiation fee. And you can cancel at any time should you decide that you no longer wish to use this system to build/health and wealth.

You further understand that you will not be charged $37 if you cancel within the 30 day
trial period and that by choosing to act now, you “lock in” you membership price and it can never go up (no matter how much the systems goes up in the future)

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“Defeating Diseases by Opening Minds!”

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