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It makes me sad to hear this, especially when I know there’s no need for such rip-offs. You really can build your own money-making system, and it’s much easier than you might think.

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How many times did they warned you in their so called Earnings and Income Disclaimers and told you not to purchase and join their money making programs, revenue sharing programs and marketing packages?
How many times did they tell you in their so called Earnings and Income Disclaimers that you will make no money by joining their programs?
How many times did they fool you by their fake testimonials, fake success stories, fake videos and fake proofs?
How many times did they cheat you by saying that “we do not guarantee or imply that you will get rich that you will do as well, or make any money at all? There is no assurance you’ll do as well. If you rely upon our figures; you must accept the risk of not doing as well.”
How many times did they ripped you off by releasing their marketing packages, their secret tricks, their hidden software’s, their this and that E-books and PDF’s. (I hate those, don’t you?)

My Extreme SUPER HEALTH SECRETS are helping people easily become healthy and wealthy! …And you never have to buy or use…lotions, potions, or scum from the ocean, powders or pills… drugs or medications…gadgets or gimmicks! …NEVER!
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Foresight: You must believe in the programs great potential!
Outlay: Nothing ventured – nothing gained. Every worthwhile venture requires some type of investment whether it be in-kind or resources. The small investment of $197.00 for our program is irrelevant compared to the income it can produce.
Communication: Getting started requires that you take action, make an initial contact, and get set up to generate large sums of money. If you are NOT making $85,000.00 – $100,000.00 per month and you want too, you nee this program!
Motivation: If you want something badly enough you will find the incentive necessary to getting it. Henry Ford said: “One of the great discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do. Most of the bars we beat against are in ourselves — we put them there, and we can take them down.” He also said: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you will ALWAYS be right.” It’s not about whether or not you can have a fortune; it’s about whether or not you think you can!
Action: Learning and reading is one thing. Doing is another. The power is not in knowledge, it is in knowledge applied! TAKE ACTION. Not next week…not tomorrow… not later today… NOW! TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW!
Cash Supplies Financial Freedom And That’s
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As with any other profitable business, the procedure for making “profits” has its own set of rules. I will show you how to learn these rules, adhere to them, adjust them to your own circumstances – draw up a “battle plan” and turn it into riches. What I am proposing is a home-business that can put more money into your bank account, than any other business opportunity offered anywhere. It could give you total financial freedom while rejuvenating your health. Imagine health and financial security; imagine peace of mind; imagine being totally debt free, imagine having financial independence, imagine being healthy and full of vitality, and imagine having total freedom over your entire life!

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As you can tell, I am extremely excited about inviting you to become an exclusive part of my new marketing program. It’s amazing and refreshingly different from anything you have ever seen before! All you have to do to make huge profits is combine hot moneymaking secrets with the program itself and watch your business success explode! This fabulous, revolutionary new approach to making money, will deliver you rich rewards without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in an inventory or equipment of any kind.

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Today is your lucky day! Mark it on your calendar. The day you are reading this letter and the enclosed information could be more important than virtually any other day in your life, because it is the day you were offered the opportunity for health and total financial freedom. I could go on and on, but I have limited space, and I also want to tell you about the great bonuses that are part of this value added program and the super health and wealth opportunity… Exclusive Health information contains closely-guarded secrets conventional medicine doesn’t want you know. Attached with the most exciting marketing plan and you can run it from your home.

I have combined the two and created the ultimate “Super Health and Wealth (SHW) program. It’s very simple, but extremely powerful. A dynamic four-level matrix marketing plan that can bring you $85,000.00 plus, in only about a month or two. Best of all, you only mail 500 letters. It’s a chance for you to achieve glowing health and become financially independent, in an innovative mail marketing plan that’s as effective as it is simple It could be a turning point in your life.

The five Magic wealth keys and why this program is different than any other similar program on the market today. Here are the Five Magic Keys to wealth that makes the difference! (And, even if you decide not to get in on this opportunity, look for these five keys in any program you evaluate, and it must have at least four).

ESTABLISH GROWING MARKET. – This program has TWO – the Health Market and the Moneymaking/Business Opportunity Market. Both are well established and rapidly growing.
NEW AND DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER PROGRAM. – Most health opportunity today are into lotion, potions, powders or pills. We have none of that! Our Approach is Sharply Different From All the Others! Because the world at large has a medical (pathology) mentality, even those who consider themselves to be health aware are at risk. Great masses of people worldwide, including some 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 plus who patronize health food stores and think of themselves as being well informed are victims of medical misconceptions.

For example, conventional health seekers think in terms of “cures” being available to them from outside the body. By that I mean from medicine, drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, proteins and other deficiencies. Whereas medical practitioners look to drugs for cures, health seekers look for some magic food or herb to do the trick. Almost all are of the frame of mind that disease is inevitable unless it’s prevented. And offer you a whole host of lotions, potions, powders or pills, costing you hundreds of dollars per month! Our Program Approach is that Exuberant and Radiant Health is Normal and Natural, and that Suffering, Sickness and Disease is Abnormal, Unnatural and Unnecessary. But you need our SECRETS that nobody dares to reveal (even if they new of them!)
SKEPTISISM – See “Are our health secrets too good to be true” and “Skeptical”.
BACK END HIGH TICKET PRODUCT. – Once you become part of this program you will be introduced to this product, and you will have an opportunity to profit from its outstanding residual income.
This NEW program is easy, simple and very effective and very PROFITABLE! Here is how it works…

You begin on Level #1 – You mail 500 SHW offers, and with just 1.5% response, (7 new orders) you get paid $25.00 each. Money coming to you: $175.00

Now you are on level #2 – on this level your 7 new subscribers each mail 500. Total mailings: 3,500 and with the same response of 1.5%, you will receive 53 new orders. Given you a total of $1,325.00. ($25 X 53)

On Level #3 – it becomes exhilarating! The 53 new subscribers each mail 500 SHW offers. Total mailing: 26,500. A 1.5% response here is 397 new orders. You get $25.00 X 397. Total money to you: $9,925.00.

On level #4 – Your responses can be explosive! Your 397 new subscribers each mail 500 SHW offers. Total mailing: 198,000. A 1.5% response brings you 2,977 new orders. You receive $25.00 X 2,977. Money to you #74,425.00

You’ve now completed the four-level matrix cycle. YOUR GRAND TOTAL IS AN ENORMOUS $85,850.00. Imagine what would happen if you mailed 1,000 SHW offers. And you continue to do more mailing, month after month.

I’m offering this turnkey business in a box. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever seen, heard, or read about. Just about everything has been done for you. All you do is make just 2 phone calls, and you can launch a marketing campaign that just may bring in tens of thousands of dollars … maybe more. 5-10 Minutes each time you want to do your mailing Could Mean Thousands Of Dollars For You With almost Zero Work Involved!

By the way … in case you are wondering, the 2 phone calls are to the list broker, and the printing and mailing house.

These are professionals and they’re familiar with our program. The list broker is an insider who has a wealth of experience … he knows what and where the hot mailing lists are … the ones who have proven, repeat buyers, for this kind of opportunity. That’s your first phone call you make. That phone call will take no more then 5 minutes.

The next phone call you make is to the print and mail house. They’re in charge of my printing. Tell them how many letters you want to mail and they’ll print and mail them. This call normally takes me about 2 minutes maximum. I just say, print up 1,000 letters”. And consider it done. They are experts in mailing out letters also. The company will stuff, seal, address, and stamp the letters for you, and save you money in the postage. That’s it. It’s truly that simple. Nothing could be easier. Can you see why anyone can run this automatic money machine? You’re Just 2 Fast And Easy Phone Calls Away From Potentially Enormous Profits!

Keep in mind, the above chart is based on a 1.5% rate of response throughout all 4 levels and can’t be guaranteed. You could receive more or less. However, a 1.5% is a reasonable response rate. IT TAKES ACTION TO MAKE MONEY!!! Don’t Miss Out On this exciting Opportunity! ACT NOW! You honestly have nothing to lose. So, avoid great disappointment… Join NOW… All FREE positions have been filled!

Learn how to put yourself into what Great Marketers call the “Toll-Booth-Position”. That’s when you do something just once, but gets paid for it over and over and over again, forever! Also known as residual income. Do the Work Just Once — Get Paid Forever!

If you have been receiving programs that project responses rate of 5% or higher. Anyone making this kind of projection on returns is given you nothing but hype.

Here’s another BIG reason the Super Health and Wealth Program is superior to all the rest. Many programs ask people to send cash, and offer almost no value. The “SHW” delivers real value … a one year subscription to highly-acclaimed health SECRETS plus hot money making reports and information;

WE encourage all responders to write checks or money orders made out to each participant on the order form. We then send these checks and money orders to you, the “participant” weekly. We also give the responders a credit card option, because there always going to be someone who wants to use their credit card. All bases are covered, because we want to help you make as much money as possible. It’s time for you to TAKE ACTION NOW! Go to the enclosed response form and become a partner in the “SHW” program. Your financial dreams can’t come true without positive ACTION. DO IT NOW!

This is an easy, honest, and very profitable opportunity that will produce real profits for you from your home, in your spare time. Isn’t this what you really want?

In addition here are some “Marketing Secrets”
You will learn from the marketing reports offered.

Ø How to effectively target buyers to your products or services.
Ø How to market yourself and pack your list with eager, qualified participants, and make even more money almost effortlessly.
Ø The “Self Promotion Secrets” to make your customers grow while you sleep (even if you are not technically savvy and know nothing about marketing).
Ø How to discover a specifically designed Marketing “Secret” that makes people whip out their credit cards and Buy Your Product or Service.
Ø Mailing Lists and What they don’t want you to know!
Ø How to increase your response rate
Ø How to cut your mailing cost
Ø How to STOP Losing Money & START making money NOW!
Ø And more, much more.

Part 2 of this incredible Opportunity


WITH NEAR MIRACULOUS BENEFITS! Easier than you could ever imagine – Results are so unbelievable IT HELPS ANYONE WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS GET BACK TO GOOD HEALTH!

You simply won’t believe how easy it is. Male, female, old young – it works for everyone! Once you learn these Health “secret”, once you start using them, you’ll never want to stop because results will simply amaze you, and have you in disbelief… This can’t be happening…but seeing is believing.

See Below For The “Secrets” to better
health that will simply amaze you.

How many more years do you have to live? 50 more years? 40? Only 20 more years? Or 10? Scientific studies show that you can live between 120 -140 years, and you can live your MAXIMUM number of years – healthy and pain-free! This new program incorporated amazingly simple health science, and produced the Super Health and Wealth SECRETS that will helps you live an active and age-defying life… by applying the principles found in these Health Secrets… you will ward off sickness and disease.

And…Imagine, Healthy and Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream! My Extreme Health Secrets also, Have Helped Many People Easily Become Wealthy!

“Revealed At Last! Over Two Decades Of Extreme SUPER HEALTH SECRETS To Help You Be Healthier… Thinner…Younger … And More Alive Quickly And Easily!”

And NOW it’s also helping people easily become Wealthy!

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…Just FORBIDDEN natural Health “SECRETS” never revealed before that will allow you to…

arrow.gif FREE yourself of all diseases.
arrow.gif Kills Pain!
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arrow.gif “CURES” all diseases!
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arrow.gif Could Be “The Fountain of Youth”!

Imagine Waking up in the morning and feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and pain FREE, feeling good about yourself all day long. These PROVEN POWERFULL FORBIDDEN HEALTH SECRETS THAT THE MEDICAL AND ALTERNATIVE HEALTH ESTABLISHMENT DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW will Change Your Life! GUARANTEED!

Along with all of the above I’m going to give you the key to an opportunity to EARN up to $85,000.00, or MORE per MONTH HELPING OTHERS-as YOU HELP YOURSELF! And, be super healthy with my never revealed health Secrets!

You Will Discover how you can Unlock the Door to Health & Longevity with “Natural Health Secrets” That Will Make You Look and Feel 10-20 Years Younger – Guaranteed! These are FORBIDDEN Health SECRETS the medical establishment don’t want you to know or have. Our Never before Revealed 100% Effective Natural Health System may Seem Unconventional – BUT IT WORKS!

The purpose of this letter is to introduce a no-nonsense, perfectly legal, risk-free, health and wealth-producing opportunity of great importance to you! This amazing discovery can help you start looking and feeling younger starting today, and take you far beyond your expectations! In just a few short minutes of your time, I am going to reveal how you can obtain the latest and most dramatic advances in the field of “HealthologyÒÔ.

My name is Dr. Galant and I want to unleash these natural health secrets to you just as soon as possible so that you’ll never be sick again. That you’ll never have a “heart attack” or stroke; That you’ll never be tormented by cancer or tumors; That you’ll never suffer arthritis; backaches, diabetes, ulcer, psoriasis, high blood pressure, overweight or any other debilitating and deadly health challenge.

Or that you’ll never suffer even as much as another cold, headache, upset stomach, coughing spell, sore throat, inflammation, or anything else. That you can guide family members, friends, neighbors, associates, or complete strangers to easily overcome almost any ailment or problem from which they may suffer! YES, you can have that kind of certainty in your life Once You Know These Natural Health Secrets! Which up to now they have been FORBIDDEN AND KEPT SECRET FROM ALL OF US!

I am not a medical doctor (My doctorate degree is in Health and Nutritional Science). You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very essential” and unique even if you are health-oriented. “HealthologyÒÔ” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. HealthologyÒÔ is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, their causes, symptoms and effects, and the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition. Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health. HealthologyÒÔ really means, “The Science that is programmed into the very nature of all living organisms, is the tendency of normal, healthy actions”.

Do I sound excited? Well that’s because I am! You know, there is nothing in the world more powerful or exhilarating than health-building, life saving information that works! So, take a few minutes of your time to read every single word of this revealing letter, because it contains privileged information that will produce the greatest health you have experienced for some time!

If Wanting to Restore Your Health is of interest to you or someone you
know then you will want what I have to offer you in this program

I have ranked this powerful health information package as being among the top 5 percent of the hottest Natural Health Related Discoveries of all time! In fact, with just a little effort on your part I predict that this fabulous health secret will eliminate your ailment or health problems and leave you looking and feeling 10-20 years younger – Guaranteed!

The powerful health and well-being information disclosed in this program is not only new and amazing, but refreshingly different from anything you have ever seen before! From cover to cover these privileged secrets are packaged for Effective Natural Health Renewal and Total Relief. All you have to do is combine these secrets with your health goals and watch your life start to change dramatically!

My powerful new natural health secrets have created explosive ways you can start feeling better and living healthier from day number one. If you want to look and feel 10-20 years younger starting now, you will be thrilled with the results of having dynamite information right from the beginning. If you are already trying to improve your health but having a difficult time achieving even the simplest goals, you will see a dramatic change once you receiving my program.

But let’s get specific! It’s a guide to restoring your health and increasing your longevity! It is, in fact, an opportunity to turn your life around using information that is vital to natural health success! I have the natural health secret program you need and I intend to share it with you no matter what other traditional “health” (decease treating Business) providers think! So if you’re ready for action, this program will show you how to start looking younger and feeling healthy starting NOW!

Health is the Most Important Commodity That We Possess!

With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; everything must be made secondary to health!

Have you ever wondered how some people can afford fabulous cars and beautiful homes? Some have gone from near poverty to making thousands of dollars every day! Some people have made it to the top and made a fortune. But the fact is, if you lose your health, all the financial riches in the world will have absolutely no value.

Imagine for a moment that someone you loved died of cancer, and you found out that they did not have to. Or if you underwent a heart bypass, would it be of interest to you to know you did not have to! If you or someone you know have been on insulin for years, would it be of interest for you to discover that you can clear it up within weeks, without drugs or medications, without lotions, potions, powders or pills.

Suppose you had to rush your asthmatic child to an emergency room several time a year. Would it be of interest to you to learn that you can be over with this problem in about a week – and nobody told you! Would that make you angry? It would make me angry! If you are like me…Then get ready to be angry…Because the medical establishment does everything in its power to keep you from finding these SECRETS out. This is a powerful multi-billion dollar industry and they spend millions of dollars to keep these secrets hidden from you. Why so they can make more money. That, my friend, is a cold, hard fact.

That is “the system,” and it works because the average person doesn’t know any better. He or she believes the so-called “experts,” the TV ads, the media and the self-serving institutions… But I believe you are different. You think for yourself, and you want proven ways to beat the system…to gain better health, more money, and a better future.

NOW…Imagine for a moment that you are sick and that you have been told that there is nothing that anyone can do for you. Imagine that you have millions of dollars in your bank account, but remain poor in health. How rich would you be? A very rich person while on her dying bed said “I would give all of my fortune for a moment of time”. That says it all doesn’t it. Without your health nothing else matters. “HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH”!
Do you or someone you Know Suffer from
any of the Following Health Problems?

· Fatigue
· Low Energy
· Suppressed Immune System
· Colds or Flu
· Unexplained illness
· Digestive Problems
· Memory Loss
· Headaches
· Migraines
· Loss of Sex Drive…
· Or many others like…
· Free radicals
· Bio-toxins
· Parasites

I am sure that you have heard one or more of these maladies in your lifetime, and chronological age makes no different. They are scary sounding health-related problems that can be very detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. The first evidence is that you get up in the morning starting your day feeling tired because you did not have enough sleep. Throughout the whole day you feeling fatigue, often you have headaches, flue, digestive problem, colds, flu, and unexplained illness. And most of all you lost your sex drive and your significant other can tell. You’re feeling depressed and lost your confident…

…You have been doing the right thing. (So you thought) You’re eating right, you’re exercising, you’re taking vitamin mineral pills, powders, energy drinks, medications proscribed by your doctors and still you feel worse or no different. The good news is that now you can protect yourself from the harmful toxins (daily harmful substances accumulating in the body) that cause all diseases! Now, you’ll Discover How You Can Maximize Your Health with our Revealing, 100% Effective, Natural Health Secrets Used By ten-of-thousands of People Who Suffer No More!

Have you noticed that people have the tendency to move with the crowd when they are faced with health challenges, problems or uncertainty? No doubt you are also accustomed to doing what everyone else does. That, of course, is your first BIG MISTAKE! Why? Because if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get the same results everyone else is getting, which is “Frustration, Disappointment, and Dissatisfaction”.

You know that to be really successful in life and in business you need to be healthy. You need to have lots of energy to be motivated and driven. Without it, you will not have the discipline and perseverance you need to succeed. I mean really succeed! However, now at last there is a way that you can change your life for the better with our 100% Effective Natural Health Secrets, you can. Look forward to a happy and healthy life.

I must tell you… despite the fact that … We do NOT Diagnose, we do NOT treat, or try to cure, Still Everyone Gets Better! Our Approach is Sharply Different From All the Others! Our program will introduce you to those powerful principles that apply to human health and well-being. This will also involve energy generation and energy availability. Our Approach and believe is that Exuberant and Radiant Health is Normal and Natural, and that Suffering, Sickness and Disease is Abnormal, Unnatural and Unnecessary.

Now we ask you… “What would you spend today if you could say goodbye to all illness forever”? Would you spend $10,000.00, $20,000.00, $50,000.00? What would you spend right now if you could look and feel 10-20 years younger? Of course you would spend that much, Or even more! You would spend anything! Anyone would!

However, you will not be paying anything near that. Now, for a limited time only, you can take advantage of our very Special Introductory Offer and receive our incredible NEW SUPER HEALTH PROGRAM for the Low Discounted Price of only $97.00. Our health program contains NATURAL HEALTH SECRETS that will help you live a longer, healthier, more rewarding life…Free of all illness…without using lotions, potions, powders or pills…without dangerous drugs, (all drugs are dangerous) and without the high cost of ineffectiveness conventional medical treatments.

Are our Health Secrets too good to be true?

So incredible are the marvelous results obtained by those who adopt a regime with our Forbidden Health Secrets that most Americans, upon hearing of these wonderful recoveries, simply don’t believe them, they dismiss them as absurd, simply too good to be true. Yet all that is good can come only from that which is true!

Skeptical? Of cause you are! You have reasons to be! However, You Won’t Be! Once You Understand the Power of our Natural Healing SECRETS revealed only in this program. Skepticism is the first positive step toward an intelligent evaluation.

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