Online Natural Health Education

Make a positive change in your life and use these Natural Health Education program skills to help improve your life and the lives of others when you take advantage of the online course.

Learn how people think, behave, and change, and develop ways to use those strategies to bring about change.

  • $37 monthly for an online Natural Health Course with exam and certification (If you choose).
  • Includes practitioner home study manual two years of unlimited access, final exam, certification
  • Learn monthly from the comfort of your home at your own pace and speed. 
  • Each modules include lessons such as: 
    1. Why health is normal and natural:
    2. Why the science of “Healthology” and healthful living is to be found in the study of nature rather than in laboratories research and that, there too, the bases for healthful living are frequently confirmed:
    3. The fundamental essentials that build and maintain health:
    4. The basic causes of disease and suffering:
    5. That all healing is self healing:
    6. How “Healthology” holds individuals prerogatives in high regard:
    7. That the word “cure” and “medicine” convey meanings that simply do not exist in nature:
    8. The boundless possibilities for human happiness and progress if we again observe the mandate and dictates of our pristine legacy. Read More.

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